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  • Getting Picked on Codepen

    Getting Picked on Codepen

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    I was thrilled to find that one of my recent Codepens was picked and featured on the website’s homepage at

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  • Christine Moore Featured on Line 25's Sites of the Week

    Featured on Line 25's Sites of the Week

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    Designing and building my new website took a long time, and I was very determined to get it right, so I was absolutely thrilled to be listed on Line 25's Sites of the Week this week. My website was one of just five websites featured and it is great to see it being listed alongside some brilliant web designs.

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  • design inspiration

    Design inspiration can be found anywhere


    Whilst on a course in London I went for lunch at a lovely cafe in Waterloo station call benugo. I’m not writing this blog post to tell everyone how lovely my sandwich was (although it was - I had the Parisian), but because the paper it was wrapped in was so nice, I thought it deserved a quick blog post.

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  • typography

    The best resources for free web fonts

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    I’m one of those people who loves a bargain, and that love of bargains also includes resources for building beautiful websites. Why pay for fonts when there are so many fantastic free ones available? No matter what style or type you’re looking for, I’ll be amazed if you can’t find what you need on one of these websites:

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