Dead Presidents by Mike Brondbjerg

The First Tunbridge Wells Developers Meetup


It’s been something that’s been talked about for a while, but on 3rd June we finally had our first Tunbridge Wells developers meet up in Sankey’s pub.

Organised by John Cinnamond, this first meetup included two talks, one from Mike Brondbjerg, on creating art through programming and the second from John himself, on a programming language called Go.

Mike’s talk discussed how he had used the Processing desktop application and Processing.JS to create a set of portraits titled ‘Dead Presidents’. Mike demonstrated with a series of demos, starting off with the basics of Processing and stepping through the project until the finished image was created.  It was brilliant to see such a creative way to use code, and made for a really interesting talk. Check out Mike’s work, and find out more about Processing and Processing.JS.

Dead Presidents by Mike Brondbjerg

Dead Presidents by Mike Brondbjerg

The second talk was about the Go programming language. John explained how the language was developed, why it was developed and what it’s useful for, whilst showing us some code snippets. His humorous talk gave us a very honest account of the language, discussing not just the pros but also some of the cons.

Not only was the meetup a great opportunity to hear about some different technologies, it was also a great chance to meet some lovely new people in the industry, share a few laughs and a drink or two. This was the first event and they will be taking place every month, with another 2 talks at the next event in July. The format of each meeting is likely to vary, with a mixture of talks, hackathons, group discussions and networking, so there’ll be a good mix of stuff. Plus, with developers (and designers!) from a variety of programming backgrounds, it’s a great group. I would highly recommend any developers in the area come along.

To find out more information about the next event, and to join the group, click here.