Skills used: Front-end development, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design, Back-end development, ASP.NET, C#, Umbraco CMS

The Instant website was a project that I worked on during my employment at Yoyo Design. During the project I completed the full responsive front-end build of the site and also worked on the back-end development, which is an Umbraco CMS. The site features a stunning full screen video on the homepage, plus a news section, services information and a site search. I built the front-end of the website using my hand-coded responsive grid, next the navigation was built to be modern and cleanly-designed but also easy to use.  

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During the project I also helped build the back-end system that uses Umbraco, the system includes a custom built image gallery that allows the client to upload, video, flash and image files wherever they wish on the site. Many of the different sections were created as widgets so that the client has the flexibilty to move around the content as necessary.