Revive Hairdressing

Skills used: Front-end development, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, jQuery, Responsive design, Back-end development, Perch CMS

Krissy Scotton, owner of Revive Hairdressing approached myself and Senior UI Designer/Developer Neil Berry and I about designing and building a new responsive website for her business. I have worked on a number of projects with Neil and this one was a very enjoyable project with an amazing client. Krissy gave us the requirement that she wanted the new website's design and build to represent the high quality, professional service that the salon offers, whilst effectively representing the variety of services that they offer.

Neil and I used a flat design to make the site sleek, modern and impressive, whilst being easy to use and navigate. 

The website was also responsive, allowing customers to access the content on the move and a blog was included so that Krissy and her team could post tutorials, tips and tricks on the website, unifying their social media campaigns with up to date, engaging content for her customers. All this was supported by the Perch CMS, which we used because of it's smart, easy to use interface and flexibilty. The CMS allows the whole Revive team to update the content whenever they need too.

We have had amazing feedback on this project and it was a really enjoyable one to build. Thanks to Krissy for being such an great client! 

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