Skills used: Front-end development, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design, jQuery

The Wirehive website was a project that I worked on during my employment at Yoyo Design. During the project I completed the full responsive front-end build of the site. Building demos of the interaction designs was the first task, the hover effects were a really important part of the project as they were showing extra content on hover and touch. I used Codepen to mock up an impressive slide-in effect of a yellow overlay in pure CSS, view this demo on Codepen here.

The website included lots of different layout elements, and was also completely fluid in it's build (i.e. the website will always scale to fit the screen size, no matter how large the resolution). This made it particularly important to fully consider the grid at various sizes and ensure that the content was being displayed in the best possible way. I also created a custom styled, full screen Google map for the contact page, blog with filters and social feeds and lots of different modular sections, allowing the client to create custom pages within the CMS.

wirehive 1
wirehive 2
wirehive 3
wirehive 4
wirehive 5